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Stirling City

This Victorian villa in central Stirling under went a full roof replacement andfollowing the Architects specification the original Welsh Slated roof was replaced with reclaimed Scotch Slates.

The traditional method of Scotch slating is very labour intensive and it is imperative that the slates are laid evenly with the courses diminishing regularly from the eaves to the ridge, a key element of this type of slating. Selecting theright contractor for Scotch Slating is key to an excellent installation as water penetration will be highly likely if the slates are incorrectly selected and laid, for example small slates being used at the bottom of the roof rather than larger slates.

If large volumes of Scotch Slates are required it is recommended to source well in advance of your project as they can be scarce at times. The quality of the reclaimed slates is crucial, this can be checked by sound test. If when tapped gently in the centre with a hammer there is a clear ringing noise then the slate will be sound, if on the other hand the sound is dull/dead it is more than likely the slate has become porous and not fit for purpose.

There was also a large flat felt roof area at the apex of this property encompassing a dome window. Following the main contractors instruction this was replaced with a single ply membrane. The homeowner had aerial photos of the roof from decades before which shows the dome window was replaced with an exact replica and you can see again from the photos the quality finish produced by our single ply expert.

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