Green Roofs

We would all like to be more at one with nature, it make’s us feel better, being surrounded by greenery – it’s relaxing.

If you think that’s only for those who live in the countryside, think again. With developments in roofing products and the urge to be more eco conscious you could create the countryside feeling almost wherever you live with a green roof.

There are many benefits in having a green roof, not to mention a gold star from local planners as they often look on proposals of these types favourably and a green roof could help secure successful planning applications.

As well as being pleasing on the eye, green roofs help to promote better air quality and provide new habitats for local wildlife.

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Oh and just to bust a myth, you don’t need to figure out how to get a lawnmower up on your roof, there is no need.

Read on below about our first ever Green Roof project which was short listed to the final four at The National Federation of Roofing Contractors Awards 2015, not bad for going for our first project – even if we do say so ourselves.

This extension project involved the Eco Roofing of an eco extension being added to a former school house on the outskirts of Linlithgow. The roof area is made up of 80 sqm of flat roof area and 20 sqm of gutter area.

A full Icopal Specification was used to create the Eco Roof System and works required followed the following steps : -

  • Icopal HT180 nailed tacked layer to plywood
  • Vapour Control Layer Torched to HT180
  • 140mm Insulation Heat Adhered to Vapour Control Layer
  • Icopal Universal WS Root Bar Membrane glued using Membrane adhesive to Insulation and hot air welded.
  • Guttering made up of plywood, by careful measuring, folding and welding the Universal WS Root Bar was glued to the plywood to form the waterproof gutter

The full Roof Integrity Test was then carried out before the next steps to ensure it was water tight and we passed first time.

  • Icopal Edge Restraint was fitted to the gutter perimeter
  • Icopal Protection Sheet was fitted on top of WS Root Bar
  • Icopal Drainage Boards were then fitted to flat roof areas followed by Icopal Filter Fleece and then the gravel and the sedum mat.

Lead Work was also required using Code 5 Lead to create Lead Aprons/Flashings above all upstands and Lead details above Windows

Rooftec Scotland Reviews

Inverallan Drive, Bridge of Allan

Just a quick note to thank all the team for our new flat roof - what a great job they did. We had a large, old felt-covered flat roof which was in dire need of replacement. The boys stripped it all off in record time and replaced it with modern membrane. They cleaned everything up very neatly, were polite and appreciative. The boss (Mark) is great - no fuss, drama or upscaling the job. Rooftec were our second choice - but only because we had never heard of them until we got a leaflet in the door, but boy are we glad we gave them the job!

Mr & Mrs Rocks


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