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Not any old slate will do and not any old “roofer” can do a great job.

Slating is one of the oldest traditional trades that is still around today but it takes knowledge, skill and experience to carry it off.  This is a craft that not just any “roofer” can master. But we have.

Whether your slate roof belongs to the Scotch, Welsh, Spanish or Westmorland quarries, you’re in luck because we’ve got it covered.

With a slated roof, especially in older buildings, before any replacement or repair work is carried out it is vital to establish if your building is Listed or falls within a conservation area. If so, permission will need to be sought from your local planning authority before any works commence. It is vital you make these checks in advance as in some cases ‘like for like’ only materials can be used. Don’t worry, help is at hand, we can assist you with the planning process and even speak with your local authority on your behalf.

Once this is established the material options you will then have will be clear. Quality Scotch slate can at times be scarce and alternatives may have to be used but again there are restrictions on suitable alternatives, but you don’t need to worry, we can help you with this making fixing your roof easy and stress free.

Other factors that determine the slate type to be used is the actual roof structure and pitch, certain sized slates are suited to certain pitches, this allows for the correct cover to protect your home. 

With the extreme weather in Scotland it’s important that you choose a slate that can stand the test of time. A slate that will meet the tough guidelines and tests for absorption, appearance and carbon content should be used. Those that don’t should not make it onto your roof.

Finally, once you’ve chosen the perfect slate for your roof it’s vital that they are fixed correctly. Here at Rooftec (Scotland) Ltd we’ve over 25 years in the roofing trade and we know how to get it right. We always use fixing methods which meet British Standards code of practice BSI 5534-2014 so you can be sure we will make your new slate roof outlive you.

Examples of our Slating work - remember this is work we have actually done, we have not downloaded these images from the internet

Cockenzie: Bizspace, Commercial Building

Full roof overhaul - Listed Building in a Conservation area, notice the convex (curve), tricky stuff to get it right, only experts can. 

Edinburgh :  Scotch Slate - Listed Building – Domestic Property

Existing roof stripped, slates dressed and sized and re slated with a top up of second hand Scotch slates, Velux conservation windows also installed by Rooftec (Scotland) Ltd

Stirling - Domestic Property – Existing Roof and Rear Extension

Spanish Grade A Cupa H3 Slates used, all slates were graded by thickness and then installed. This creates the uniform look that should be achieved in a new slate roof.

Note : not all “roofers” take the time to do this and the end result can not only look poor but can cause the next course of slates to sit uneven allowing gaps for wind uplift.

The lead raggle was fitted into the wall and also the flue to accommodate the lovely AGA Range in the kitchen.

Bo’ness:  Listed Building

Scotch Slate stripped, dressed and sized. Lead skew formed and fitted to the raggle in the wall. Re slated with a top up of second hand Scotch Slates ready for our wet dash topcoat to match the existing building.

Lead valley formed and slated back in. Notice the cement work at the topper course of slates. We use this traditional method as it helps prevent wind uplift at the most vulnerable section of the roof, the ridges were then fixed along the ridge batten.

Falkirk (outskirts) : Converted Mill, Spanish Slate Roof with Detailed Lead Verge and Skew Work

We completed this project for main contractor, Crannog Construction,  who were Regional Winners 2012 in the Federation of Master Builders annual awards ceremony with this project.

This build has featured in Real Homes magazine and Forth Valley Chamber of Commerce  quarterly magazine, click the links below to read more.

Upper Largo, Fife – Domestic Property owned by a delightful lady with an endless supply of tea and cakes !

Full strip and reslate, replacing like for like with Welsh Penrhyn Heather Blue Slates. Only minimal sarking deck boards repairs were required on this project which shows how reliable high grade quality slates are, this was the original roof that was replaced so it had been there a long time

Falkirk Town Centre

This new build property in Falkirk town Centre was specified with Grade A Spanish SSQ Slates, UB11 Slate Vents, Code 5 Lead and Zinc Ridges. A great project to be involved in and the precision of the slating is second to none. Despite being a new build property the roof is in keeping with the character of the surrounding properties and is a complementary addition to the street.

Kippen, Stirling

This new build property was specified for Cupa H3 Slates and being constructed in a conservation area  Velux Conservation Windows were also installed.  The rear elevation also saw the use of Icopal Single Ply Membrane with stand and seam profiles, which gives the aesthetic effect of a lead roof.

The Manse

The original roof on this property was failing and this project saw a full roof and roughcast overhall undertaken in Falkirk town centre. The sarking on the main body of the roof was is good condition but with any property of this age, the timbers around the hips and valley details had to be replaced before the felting could begin using VP400 breather membrane.

In preparation of the slating Geotextile Underlay and Code 5 lead was installed to all valleys, chimneys and skew areas which were treated with patination oil. This oil prevents a white carbonate appearing in wet or damp conditions that can be unsightly. All rainwater goods were replaced with Cast in keeping with character of the property.

The roof was then slated using a CUPA H3 Slate and copper nails, this sound like the easy part but the workmanship involved to mitre every hip junction to achieve the uniform appearance on every elevation takes skill and time. 

Airth - Falkirk

This extensive conversion was a fantastic project for our team to work on. As well as vast slating areas there were many complex non standard detailed areas which our team carried off to give this finish.

The client preferred a small format slate, which would not be possible on 2 elevations due to the lower pitch. We were tasked to find a solution to allow the preferred slate choice to be used and managed to identify that Permavent Easy Slate Soakers would be able to be fitted to eachslate (over 8000 fitted), preventing water creep and the water running back under the slate. The slates used were Cabrera Heavy Slate whichwere all double nailed with copper nails.

The lead detailing was bespoke to this property and through our knowledge and experience we were able to create a design to suit the construction whilst keeping the aesthetic look the client was aiming to achieve.

The amount of various roofing skills required on a project of this scale was vast and it provided an amazing outdoor classroom for our young apprentices to experience and gave our tradesmen the opportunity topass on these skills both standard and non standard to the next generation of roofers.  

Bridge of Allan -Victoria Villa 

NFRC Scotland Roof Slating Winner 2017

Set in the affluent area of Bridge of Allan this large 150 year old detached Victorian villa was in need of a full roof replacement of the original roof.

Meeting the BSEN12326-1 standards Grade A Welsh Penrhyn Slates were chosen and fitted following both BS5534 Slating & Tiling and LSA BS6915 codes of practice for both slating and leadwork.

All slates were double copper nailed and slate cover taken into consideration to accommodate the various pitches of the many roof sections and junctions we encountered whilst working the slates in accurately to deliver perfectly straight valley cuts using slate knifes and the guillotine at times. The photos demonstrate the uniformity achieved over the pitched slated areas and the precision in the valleys. This shows a real understanding of slating practice and skill to carry it off.

On the rear of the property the various dormers, skylights, valleys, verges and chimneys added to the complexity of this project but from the photograph the finished result speaks for itself.

This was another project where our apprentices were able to see the extent that a re roofing project can take, the skills required and without doubt this roof added massive value to their learning from our tradesmen.

Brightons - Falkirk

This new build was built on the site of 2 former cottages and with clever design is now taking full advantage of the amazing views of The Ochil HIlls and Falkirk’s Kelpies straight from the bedroom Velux Roof Terrace Window, which sets this bespoke build off.

The roof installation comprised of Grade A Samaca Heavy slates, Code 5 Lead, Zinc Ridges and Heavy Duty Ridge Straps. Like most Rooftec projects this was not a straight-forward apex roof, it included various roof windows and junctions however the team again delivered a job which the clients were delighted with.

Candiehead Cottage

This extensive new build is set in a beautiful rural location and will certainly be the envy of any passers by, deigned by an award- winning architect who also happens to be the homeowner.

Slated with Cabrera Grade A Slates, Copper Nails, Code 5 Lead, Several Velux Windows, Zinc Ridges with Heavy Duty Straps, VP400 Breather Membrane, Felt Support Trays mixed with some Rooftec magic produced an excellent end result.

Falkirk Town Centre

This Victorian semi detached villa in the heart of Falkirk was re-slated at the rear low level elevations as Phase 1 of this project. The phased approach was to allow the planned extension to this gorgeous property to be carried out in a logical fashion and eliminating having to revisit this area of the roof with the rest being carried out at a later date when constructions works are complete.

Following the roof being stripped it was expertly reinstated with Grade ASpanish Kensington Slates, Code 5 Lead, Copper Nails, Zinc Ridges and Heavy Duty Ridge Strap, Protec VP400 Breather Membrane. Excellent project to be involved in in our hometown.

Glasgow Road - Stirling

The homeowners of this former stable block took their time in choosing a contractor for this re-slating project as it was their second time within 3 years. First time around they sadly ended up with a botch job, we armed them with all the information they needed to make a choice and following a visit to our showroom they were clear on what was involved and what to be looking for in any quotations they sought.

We were delighted they selected our services and the roof was redone with Grade A Spanish Slates, Code 5 Lead, Copper Nails,, VP400 Breather Membrane and Zinc Ridges & Straps.

A huge weight is now lifted knowing that their roof is now providing the shield from the elements it should and will do for many years to come.

City of Stirling

This Victorian villa in central Stirling under went a full roof replacement andfollowing the Architects specification the original Welsh Slated roof was replaced with reclaimed Scotch Slates.

The traditional method of Scotch slating is very labour intensive and it is imperative that the slates are laid evenly with the courses diminishing regularly from the eaves to the ridge, a key element of this type of slating. Selecting theright contractor for Scotch Slating is key to an excellent installation as water penetration will be highly likely if the slates are incorrectly selected and laid, for example small slates being used at the bottom of the roof rather than larger slates.

If large volumes of Scotch Slates are required it is recommended to source well in advance of your project as they can be scarce at times. The quality of the reclaimed slates is crucial, this can be checked by sound test. If when tapped gently in the centre with a hammer there is a clear ringing noise then the slate will be sound, if on the other hand the sound is dull/dead it is more than likely the slate has become porous and not fit for purpose.

There was also a large flat felt roof area at the apex of this property encompassing a dome window. Following the main contractors instruction this was replaced with a single ply membrane. The homeowner had aerial photos of the roof from decades before which shows the dome window was replaced with an exact replica and you can see again from the photos the quality finish produced by our single ply expert.

Albert Road, Falkirk

Situated in a sought after area in Falkirk this property had a full Rooftec makeover of the slated roof. The slates chosen were one of our favourites, Welsh Cwt-y-Bugail, a fantastic slate in terms of reliability but also to work with. The specification on this slate speak for itself, the slates conform toBS 12326-1:2014 (W1, S1, T1), hold BS Kitemark accreditation and are generally expected to outlive the life of a building (when fixed in accordance withBS 5534 / S.R. 82:2017).The clients are safe in the knowledge this roof will last for decades.

Bridge of Earn

This new build property is a true dream home setin the Perthshire countryside and we were lucky to be awarded the roofing contract. This roof was covered with a Grade A Heavy Spanish slate installed to BS 5534 standards to ensure the maximum lifespan of this roof as all slates are nailedin accordance with current standards. Another excellent project completed.

South Broomage, Larbert

This small extension was slated in a Spanish Grade A slate. The pitch of this roof was only 25 degrees therefore the options on slate size used is reduced and 500mmx 300mm size was the one for this job. On installation the head lap of the slates had to be 125mm to ensure enough cover on each. Using the incorrect slate size and head lap would cause the roof to leak but now worries there when Rooftec are in charge.

The Stroness, Castleton Road, Auchterarder

This was a cracker of a project to work on for Stephen Gardiner Homes who create one off bespoke show stopping homes. Working on their site was fantastic, the organisation is some of the best we’ve seen and we were thrilled to slot into this well oiled machine.The slate used on this project was The Hastings Spanish Grade A which comes with a full 100 year guarantee.

We undertook the slatingelement only on this project, working around the solar panels and slating in the various sized roofing elevations.Key to a great slating project is the grading of the slates, this is where our apprentices start their learning journey of the slate material itself. Getting this part of the process correct is key to working with this natural product and is vital to deliveran exceptional finish.

Failing to do so results in thick slates next to thin and the end result does not achieve the desired uniform look and can in some cases cause water ingress.Our drone images show this sizeable project in all it’s glory and with theexpertise of StephenGardiner Homes this will be a place where one luckyfamily will make many memories in a home built to last.

Viewfield Street, Stirling

Sandwiched between the views of Stirling Castle and Wallace’s Monument this tenement block in Stirling was in desperate need of a full roof replacement, this original roof was replaced like for like with Welsh Cwt Y BugailGrade A slates, absolute beauties!Access to this site was very tight as the court building is directly next-door and 24 access had to be available for their vehicles. Working with Stirling Council we secured the required permits to allow space for our materials to be stored as close as possible to the site. We actually used this site in the recent “Roofing in the Classroom” lessons we took into local secondary schools’ as it was a great site to use in the Health and Safety lesson.The roof itself was quite tricky to tackle as it included vertical slating, a turret feature, a single ply flat roof, the installation of a new roof window and full replacement Ogee Aluminium gutters and clearing all downpipes. The photos speak for themselves to the talent in ourteam, excellent job once again.

Rooftec Scotland Reviews

I would recommend Rooftec to anyone

"Mark of Rooftec arranged a time to visit to see our roof, arrived on time and then provided a quote promptly. He arranged the date the work was to be carried out and arrived on site on time and did the job as he said he would. In between the quote and doing the work some more slates needed to be replaced, which Rooftec did without charging, and without us having to ask for the work to be done. I would recommend Rooftec to anyone looking for a good quality job, done on time and no mess left.

Martin Robertson - Falkirk


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