Now many may think is an easy job, which yes if done correctly, it is. The main issue people face with a “quick fix” style approach is that the behind the scenes area of the new PVC is not checked and replaced if required, it’s a slap dash over clad job that initially looks good but will not stand the test of time as it is fixed to substandard timbers.

To give you an idea a typical 3-4 bedroom detached home would take around 5-7 days for us to complete. In this time a full scaffold would be erected, hanging off a ladder to complete this job to a high standard is not possible AND we need to keep the Rooftec Dreamteam and yourselves safe and sound.

A full inspection can now take place of the timbers and rafters/truss ends. This involves stripping off not just the old PVC but the eaves course of tiles/slates and the verge units. In some cases the timbers are sound, some may need repaired and others fully replaced, every property can be different.

We guarantee that your new PVC will be fixed to a solid timber backing, this is essential as the gutters are then fixed to the PVC fascia. This is vital, especially given the Scottish weather as any snow load onto a gutter will not survive on the basis of screws into the PVC alone, there must be a solid timber back to take the manufacturers stipulated weight load.

We also guarantee that all new PVC and rainwater goods are installed to the manufacturers specification and ALL CORRECT FITTINGS are used, another common area of failure on this type of work. This is as well as ensuring that your rainwater goods actually allow the water run away, wouldn’t be the first time a badly installed gutter system does the opposite.

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Clover Place, Bo’ness

 This property required a full replacement of all PVC Fascia, Soffits, Gutters and Downpipes. As you can see from the photos we carry this out using a full scaffolding system to ensure our teams safety at all times. This type of project is not as simple as some may think, nailing the new PVC on top of the old only bodes for disaster. After stripping off all the old materials the timbers have to be checked for rot, in some cases the rafter arms need to be extended and the hidden areas behind the PVC have to be in tip top condition for this job to be one to last.

A great end result which our clients were delighted with.

Easton Drive,  Shieldhill

Another full UPVC replacement carried out on this home, once  full scaffolding was in place the team got to work, stripping back the tiles, checking all timbers and rebuilding where required before installing the new PVC system.

Fantastic end result once again.

Rooftec Scotland Reviews

A courteous and professional service

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark and his team for the excellent quality roofing jobs they carried out on various new self build projects lead by my company. The team provided a courteous and professional service from initial contact through to completion and Mark kept the team on track with the ambitious time line we were all working towards. On this note, I would also like to express my appreciation of the speed and efficiency at which you organised and carried out the work. I look forward to working with you all again in the near future.”

Bernard Harkins - Joiner Building Contractor


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