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Westfield School

NFRC Scotland 2017 Single Ply Category Finalist

Main Contractor: WM Wilcox, Farserburgh

We were subcontracted in by a local company in Fraserburgh to install 1000sqm of Icopal Single Ply required to be adhered over a former Sarnafil roof using the cut to fall method. The local firm selected Rooftec as we are recommended by the manufacturers as an approved installer of this product.

Westfield School forms part of the Fraserburgh Community Schools Network (CSN) and the Fraserburgh Schools Cluster Group. The school supports pupils from birth to post 16 with a range of needs from severe and complex additional support needs to more moderate learning needs.

Although the scale of this project was vast there was a lot of detailed work required as well as the large field areas. This included various pipe details of different sizes, sumps, outlets, velux rain sensing rooflight and fans. To give an overall view of the job we have included a short walk around video of the project as it was difficult to capture it in one image.

As well as matching our Icopal material onto existing Sarnafil it is worth noting we were thinking 2 weeks in front of us to match up lines in the roof to minimise using cover strip for joins so we used the “self edge” on the fleece backed membrane. We also matched up cover strip on the valleys on the cut to fall insulation so that they looked aesthetically pleasing.

The contractor had called us in as they were struggling to cope with the scale and the deadline of schools returning. Their main issue was working with a very small areas stripped, once we were onsite we took control of the organisation of the program of works. From then on the roof was stripped in much larger areas with the vapour control layer and cut to fall insulation going down. We worked 12 hours most days to ensure we could cover what we laid and seal with a “day joint” at the end of the night.

By careful calculation we reduced waste of the membrane by laying the area equivalent to full roll length/widths which could be layed in the time frame of each day. By carefully planning and use wherever possible of the self edge we saved time on both welding and seam testing. By continually methodically planning a couple of weeks in advance we achieved the goal of accommodating all roof areas joining from section to section with minimum use cover strip.

The contractor was very impressed with the finished roof as were Icopal on their weekly visits to ensure the spec was being fully followed.

A great new connection made up north for ourselves which hopefully will see more similar contracts come our way.

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