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Flat Roofing

The mention of the words “Flat Roof” should no longer drive fear into your hearts. The products available have greatly improved over the years, meaning a well maintained flat roof can be a great solution for many people.  Here at Rooftec (Scotland) Ltd we have the skills to ensure your flat roof is laid expertly, keeping you dry and getting the best out of your materials.

It doesn’t matter if you’re using a bitumin built up felt roofing system, a modern single ply Membrane or a traditional lead roof, if they are poorly fitted your flat roof will live up to it’s old name and let you down, sometimes damaging your property or prized possessions along the way.

The preparation work is the key to achieve a great flat roof that lasts and this begins with choosing the best materials for the job. Roofs don’t work as one size fits all service. Your roof will be different from the next, for some an overlay could be appropriate or for others a full strip and relay will be required.

Not sure what you need?  Call us and our team of experienced roofers will be happy to help you.

We can advise you on the most appropriate and cost effective options for you. Remember choosing the right materials for your roof is essential if you want a flat roof that lasts. We’ll help you every step along the way so you can be sure you’ll get a flat roof that will stand the test of time.

Laying a flat roof is not like laying a carpet. You can’t just roll it out, stick it down and hey presto! Job done. There’s no room for error and our team of experienced roofers have the skills and knowledge necessary to make sure it’s done right the first time.

You can check out our work for yourself here or click here to see what our previous customers had to say about us.

Why choose us? We will make sure your roof deck is up to the job of keeping your home safe and dry for years to come. We’ll take care of all the tricky parts, paying extra attention to the most common failure areas in flat roofs. This extra attention to detail is what makes our flat roofs the best choice for you home or business.

We won’t cut any corners, skip vital layers or let you waste your hard earned cash on a botch job. We care too much about your roof and our reputation to let you down, so give us a try. 

Falkirk :

This project was a church conversion which seen the church transform into two residential dwellings. We were tasked with installing a bespoke Single Ply Membrane flat roof, the architectural details had to accommodate the feature windows and a complex step section.  This is skilled work as it is unique to this property and had to manually formed to suit the building.

Hidden below the finish is the vital layers beneath, firstly the deck substraite, next the vapour control layer, then the insulation and lastly the Single Ply finish layer which is fully adhered with membrane adhesive.

From the finished images you can see the fabulous results we achieved.

Grangemouth : Bizspace

A three phase approach was taken to re roof an office block for Biz Space. The old roof continually leaked and fell victim to “roofers” who are happy to continually patch repair and charge substantial sums of money but never actually solving the real issue. After our inspection it was clear replacement was the only option, we drew up a phased plan to re roof the area which helped with budgeting for this large project.

The original roof was Rock Asphalt, initially it had to be cleaned and primered ready for the vapour control layer, 80mm insulation, vapour dispersion layer and lastly the Icopal Green Cap Sheet.

Look at the detailing round the disused services (circle areas), the laps (joins) are perfect. After inspection from Icopal this roof passed their strict guarantee criteria giving the client peace of mind in the product and our installation.

Read for yourself what Keith from Bizspace has to say about us for yourself.

Falkirk: New Build Domestic Garage Roof

Detail was crucial on this Single Ply Membrane roof, clever design allowed the roof to have an internal trough gutter that allowed the rainwater to run through a parapet outlet into an enclosed downpipe. No visible gutters or downpipes were required improving the look of the garage.

We manually formed the trough gutter from the Single Ply material, the photos illustrate the run off and the detailing against the main building. 

Tricky work, great finish and happy customers!

Larbert : Domestic Home Extension

As well as the slating work at this property we completed the Single Ply Membrane Flat Roof too, it was a large addition to the back of the building. 

Kirkcaldy : Commercial Office Block

With this large roof we were able to go with a full overlay rather than a strip and re lay. In preparation the roof had to be dechipped, cleaned and primered before the Icopal Elastrotherm finish layer was torched on.

The parapet up stand detail requires an additional felt layer in comparison to the flat area as this is the weak point of the roof, regardless of your roof size the detail principle would be the same.

Being able to overlay on this project has added 20 years plus onto the lifetime of this roof, great for this customer but remember not every flat roof can be over laid. Call us and we will advise you of the correct option for your roof so your money is well spent and not wasted.

Bizspace – Eucal Business Centre Livingston

This project was for our long term customers at Bizspace UK. We have worked on may project for Bizspace over the years and this particular one saw a flat roof stipped back to the metal deck on an office block in Livingston. The full deck was re-boarded and an Icopal Monar Plan Single Ply Membrane system was fully installed as seen in the before and after photos. The centre manager, Keith was once again delighted with the result, read more here of what Bizspace have to say about us: 


Redding – Falkirk

This double garage was stripped back and fully re boarded. Installation of Icopal Monar Plan PVC Single Ply was then undertaken and as you can see the finish is fantastic, this was also echoed by our clients who sent in a lovely letter on completion of the work.


Our Flat Roofing Division worked their magic on this lovely property in Linlithgow. The flat roof surrounds the property and includes a double garage and was fully re roofed using Icopal Monar plan PVC Single Ply Membrane. An excellent result which our lovely customer was delighted with.

West Lothian

A commercial project which consisted of a full Single Ply overlay using an Icopal Sureplan Specification and also seen the installation of  8 Roof Domes. Very neat detailing by our Single Ply Team around the domes and pipes. 

Wallace House

This flat roof project covered 600 sqm and was split over a high and low level roof on a business hub in Stirling town centre. Both roof areas were in a poor state and leaking in various locations with excess moss growth and vegetation blocking gutters. Using a full Icopal Specification the roof was de-chipped, cleaned, primered in preparation and the new Icopal Thermaweld System installed. Following our recommendation to install a Trad Safety System with scaffold access in oppose to surround scaffolding the client was delighted as they saved a five-figure sum by using this approach.

Central Falkirk

This property had a combination of both flat and steep pitched roofs which all required full replacements.

The pitched areas were divided by a large valley gutter which was redone in Fatra Single Ply Membrane as was all other flat roof areas.

The tiled area was fully stripped back to the trusses and reboarded with 12mm Sterling Boards. The roof was then felted with VP400 Breather Membrane and the counter battens and graded tile battens fixed before tiling began using Marley Ludlow Majors, all were fitted to meet the British Standards BS 5534.

All facsia, soffits, gutters and downpipes were replaced as well as White PVC Channel lining to the dormer window, which looks fantastic.

City of Stirling

This Victorian villa in central Stirling under went a full roof replacement andfollowing the Architects specification the original Welsh Slated roof was replaced with reclaimed Scotch Slates.

The traditional method of Scotch slating is very labour intensive and it is imperative that the slates are laid evenly with the courses diminishing regularly from the eaves to the ridge, a key element of this type of slating. Selecting theright contractor for Scotch Slating is key to an excellent installation as water penetration will be highly likely if the slates are incorrectly selected and laid, for example small slates being used at the bottom of the roof rather than larger slates.

If large volumes of Scotch Slates are required it is recommended to source well in advance of your project as they can be scarce at times. The quality of the reclaimed slates is crucial, this can be checked by sound test. If when tapped gently in the centre with a hammer there is a clear ringing noise then the slate will be sound, if on the other hand the sound is dull/dead it is more than likely the slate has become porous and not fit for purpose.

There was also a large flat felt roof area at the apex of this property encompassing a dome window. Following the main contractors instruction this was replaced with a single ply membrane. The homeowner had aerial photos of the roof from decades before which shows the dome window was replaced with an exact replica and you can see again from the photos the quality finish produced by our single ply expert.


This property extension was a bespoke design to include a single ply stand and seam profile flat roof. Using Icopal Sureplan Single Ply System and from the photos you can see the effect, many properties use stand and seam effect to emulate lead roofs but with less cost and also lead theft avoidance. Fantastic end result.

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