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This extensive conversion was a fantastic project for our team to work on. As well as vast slating areas there were many complex non standard detailed areas which our team carried off to give this finish.

The client preferred a small format slate, which would not be possible on 2 elevations due to the lower pitch. We were tasked to find a solution to allow the preferred slate choice to be used and managed to identify that Permavent Easy Slate Soakers would be able to be fitted to eachslate (over 8000 fitted), preventing water creep and the water running back under the slate. The slates used were Cabrera Heavy Slate whichwere all double nailed with copper nails.

The lead detailing was bespoke to this property and through our knowledge and experience we were able to create a design to suit the construction whilst keeping the aesthetic look the client was aiming to achieve.

The amount of various roofing skills required on a project of this scale was vast and it provided an amazing outdoor classroom for our young apprentices to experience and gave our tradesmen the opportunity topass on these skills both standard and non standard to the next generation of roofers.

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